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Yin Yoga Workshop with Anouk Hummel 9.6.18

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Anouk Hummel tulee pitämään yin jooga-workshopin Walimolle lauantaina 9.6 klo 14.00-17.00. Anouk johdattelee aluksi yin joogan saloihin noin 45 minuutin teoriaosuudella, jonka jälkeen on vuorossa pitkä ja rentouttava yin joogaharjoitus. Et tarvitse aikaisempaa kokemusta yin joogasta osallistuaksesi.

Opetus on englanniksi ja alla tarkempi esittely workshopista ja Anoukista. Workshopin hinta 40 €.

Ilmoittaudu Walimon ajanvarauksen kautta tai sähköpostilla



During this Yin Yoga Workshop Anouk will take you into the world of Yin Yoga; a calm, balancing and profound practice. During this workshop you will get a better understanding of the energetic effects and benefits of Yin Yoga practice.

After a concise introduction (approx. 45 minutes) of the Taoist principles that Yin Yoga is based upon, the Chinese Five Element Theory and the Meridian System, Anouk will guide you into a nice long and very relaxing and soothing Yin Yoga practice.

This workshop is suitable for everyone who is interested in Yin Yoga; for all levels of practitioners - beginners also welcome! (teaching in English)

Date: Saturday June 9th, 2018
Times: 14:00 - 17:00
Price: € 40


Anouk is a certified Yin Yoga teacher, originally from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is passionate about Yin Yoga and devoted to sharing the teachings from Paul Grilley with as many souls as possible, also in Finland.

She completed her Yin Yoga & Chakra Study teacher training (RYT 200) in Amsterdam with Anat Geiger, Johan Noorloos and Marcel van de Vis Heil. To deepen her knowledge of the functional anatomy in Yin Yoga, she soon after completed her Yin Yoga & Anatomy Immersion (RYT 100) with José de Groot. Her teachers Anat and José have been senior assistants of Paul and Suzee Grilley for many years now.

In her yoga classes she wishes to show people that yoga does not need to be fuzzy nor complicated, but that yoga practice offers something to everyone and that with regular practice it can give you a more beautiful, richer and more balanced life. Anouk teaches in a manner that is open and accessible to everyone; beginners and more advanced yogis. Her classes are marked by softness, a lot of individual care and attention and sufficient space to explore and push your physical as well as mental boundaries in a very gentle way. With her Yin Yoga classes Anouk hopes to give her students inspiration and courage to bring the principles of Yin Yoga off the mat and into real life, as that is where our real yoga practice begins.

Anouk also works as a Yoga Therapist, Reiki Healer and Life Balance Coach.